I tend to spend a lot of time sitting at my desk, hunched over my laptop. Of course every few hours, when my back and neck start to ache, I make an effort to sit up straight and concentrate on my posture! This generally lasts for an hour or sometimes less before I begin to fall back to my hunching ways!

I follow a number of inspirational people on social media platforms, with a hope to gaining some tips for my business. One being Jenny Brennan. She recently purchased a standing desk and has raved about how amazing it was.

I decided I would see what all the hype is about and re adjust my work station. For the last few days I have been standing rather than sitting and I have to say – I feel so much better. My back isn’t aching and my usual cold body wrapped in too many layers has heated up due to my constant movement.

According to Wikipedia, “A 2013 study showed that using a standing desk caused the heart to beat an average of ten beats faster per minute than when sitting. This equates to an additional fifty calories an hour burnt.

A 2012 study comparing young adults using sitting and standing desks found that standing desk users burned 20.4 additional calories per hour. Given an average of three hours of standing per day, five days per week, this would equate to burning an extra 306 to 750 calories per week.”

Apart from feeling so much more productive, I am also burning calories. What’s not to love!!

Benefits of a Standing Desk

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