I work with a client/friend, who I know will not mind me saying, is a complete technophobe. The thoughts of turning on her laptop makes her break into a cold sweat! Contacting her own clients via WhatsApp is as far as she will go when it comes to technology.

This is where I come in!

I was working on a project for her which required a lot of documents and photographs to be sent from her to me. I suggested that we could use Dropbox (an online could storage provider) or Wetransfer (an online file transfer provider) to transfer the files from her laptop to mine – this sent her into a spiraling panic. Filing is not her strong point so her Dropbox was full with duplicated items and Wetransfer sounded like something alien to her.

TeamViewer instantly popped into my mind – surly this was something that could be managed?

One very quick phone call and I was able to guide her through downloading the latest version and within minutes I could remotely access all files on her laptop. Amazing right?

I could then log into my Dropbox and uploaded all of the files that I required, which then instantly synced to the folders on my laptop.

The overall process took 10 – 15 minutes and of course, no cold sweats!!

TeamViewer for the Technophobe!

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